Unspoiled nature, clean air, clear springs, streams, rivers and hills and mountains in our area offer unlimited possibilities for walks and hiking, which we adapt to your abilities. There are many fresh water springs in the area. When you walk, you can refresh at every step with fresh spring water.

If you love lakes, there are quite a few around here. In the vicinity there is no industry, so the air is clean and the sky is blue. If you go to the nearby hills you will be able to breathe with full lungs, and at the top you will be rewarded with beautiful views. Unlimited possibilities for walking and hiking in the surrounding area are guaranteed every day of the year. You can also take a train or car to Bohinjska Bistrica which is 10 minutes away or Bled, which is 25 minutes away, to access hiking paths.

Descriptions of sights and ideas for shorter and longer trips are waiting for you at the accommodation.


In the vicinity of our apartments there are several renowned ski centers:

Soriška planina (12 km), Cerkno (13 km), Vogel (20 km), Pokljuka (30 km), Stari vrh (35 km), Krvavec (60 km) and Kanin (65 km).

Every day you can thus go to your favorite ski resort and test yourself in winter sports, while getting to know Slovenia in its most beautiful winter image.

The surrounding peaks Porezen, Drauh, Slatnik, Možic, Kobla, Vrh Bače, Črna prst, Matajurski vrh ... offer wide possibilities for touring skiers. If there is enough snow, you can head for a ski tour right from the accomodation. Otherwise, you can select higher starting points, such as Soriška Planina, Kal, Sanek, Pohoč etc.

In winter, all nearby ski resorts offer the possibility of cross-country skiing.


Your bicycles and motorbikes will be safe in a locked garage. Exploring the pearls of Slovenia with a bicycle can offers a special experience. Here, a very convenient connection with the train, with allows bikes and only takes a short time to reach other starting points such as Bohinj, Bled or Most na Soči, will also be helpful. Those who enjoy mountain biking in Slovenia will not be disappointed.

With a motorbike, you can explore practically all of Slovenia and northern Italy to Venice. Travel is more free and at the same time more refreshing. Our rural roads are very diverse, and when driving, you will never be bored.


Founts and streams unite in Bača, which runs just past the house and flows into Idrijca and Soča. This is home to autochthonous MARBLE TROUT. Not far away, there are also Sava Bohinjka and Sora. All the mentioned rivers are a true paradise for FLY FISHING.

Our waters are home to are various trouts and grayling, and if you are lucky, you can also catch a decent sized marble trout.

We help hunters by providing an experienced hunting guide. The most desirable trophies are the chamois.


Both the Soča and the Upper Sava Valley are known for adrenaline activities such as rafting, canyoning, zipline. It is best for you to head out for these with experienced guides such as, for example Lajf d.o.o., which will make your pleasures even greater and safer.

On the mountain passes, excellent conditions are created for paragliders. One of the most famous takeoffs is on Kobala above Tolmin, to which you arrive from the accommodation in half an hour. You are even faster on the Soriška planina, where the take-off point is at Lajnar.

There are quite a few climbing walls in the area, the most famous is Pod skalco in Bohinj, and you can also head to the mountains to do some free climbing. Quite a few possibilities are offered by Mrzli vrh above the village of Rut (walls of Primorska region).


In the summer months you can find refreshment in streams, rivers and lakes. Bača, Idrijca and Soča are rivers in which you can also swim, and even more easily do this in Lake Bohinj or Lake Bled. With diving you can explore the underwater world and life in these rivers, which is quite lush. In winter, when refreshment is not possible in this way, you can go swimming to the water park Bohinj, the Cerkno spa or the Železniki swimming pool.

Intensive rehearsal of small singing groups

Suitable large common areas allow for practice by individual voices. Meals can be prepared in the separate kitchen, while lunch can also be enjoyed at nearby restaurants. We can also organize a public exercise at your request.